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Short Diwali Poems (Kavita) in Hindi, English For Kids

Today’s article is all about Diwali Poems (Kavita) in English and Hindi for kids. We have gathered famous 10 lines short poems on Diwali for kids and children which are in both Hindi and English language. This heart touching short Diwali kavita in Hindi for kids and also unique very short poems on Diwali in English are posted. These poems on Diwali festival can be used as a 10 lines short kavita in school for childrens. Use this beautiful poems or kavita on deepawali to share or express ones feeling and also can be used as a reply for Diwali wishes. Check out below for some best short poems on Diwali in English and Kavita on Diwali festival in Hindi.



Short Diwali Poems in English for kids

(A beautiful collection on Short Diwali Poems in English for kids which can be used to share inner feelings on this deepawali festival.)


Songbirds rouse the bright morning.

Breakfast warms.

Doorbell chimes and the neighbors smile.

New clothes sparkle and the drumbeats dance.

Warm hugs make me wriggle. Stories hold me still.

Sweets turn my smile sticky and the temple bells clang.

Music chases sunset while the evening darkens sky.

Oil lamps flicker and the stars shimmer on.

Fireworks dazzle and the laughter ripples out.

Feet fight bedtime,

But sudden sleep

Folds me in blanket

Of Diwali dreams.


The first Diwali

All the people shed so many tears

When Ram left for 14 years.

14 years, in a forest deep

Where he and sita used to sleep.

Until ravan spoiled Ram’s life

By stealing Sita for a wife.

Ravan took her in his chariot high

Over the sea and across the skies.

The Indian monkey king, called as hanuman

Helped the king Ram with a plan.

He built a bridge across the sea

So king Ram could set Queen Sita free.

Then, in a battle, fierce and long

Ram showed how strong he was.

Ravan killed, and Sita was saved

Ram was so bold and brave.

On Ram’s return to Ayodhya city

The people made king Ram’s journey pretty

By lighting lamps (diya) along his way

And so it was until this day.

That diva lamps, like guiding lights

Reminding all of us that good is right.

And from the dark of ignorant ways

Grants knowledge for our bright future days.




The above poem describe the day of Diwali and this short English poems on Diwali of 10 lines has already won the hearts.

Diwali Poems (Kavita) in Hindi

(A sweet Hindi poems on Diwali festival for kids might be the best Diwali kavita in Hindi for kids. And if you are looking for poems (Kavita) on Diwali in Hindi for kids.)


Aai Diwali, Aai Diwali,

Aai Diwali re!

Deep jalaao, khushi manaao,

Aai Diwali re!

Khub chale fuljhadi phatake,

Aai Diwali re!

Sabko baato khub mithai,

Aai re Diwali!


Diwali aai, Diwali aai, khushiyo ki bahaar laai!

Dhoom dhamaka doom doom, chakari, bomb, hawai, inse bachna bhai!

Diwali aai, Diwali aai, khushiyo ki bahaar laai!

Phatake baaje doom-doom, doom-doom!

Naache gaaye hum aur tum…?

Ghar-ghar deep jalenge, aayegi mithai!

Diwali aai, Diwali aai, khushiyo ki bahaar laai!

Dhoom dhamaka doom doom, chakari, bomb, hawai, inse bachna bhai!

Diwali aai, Diwali aai!




Short Diwali Poems (Kavita) In Hindi of 10 Lines

(This Poems on deepawali festival in Hindi for small kids and childrens are used for small kids for short Diwali kavita in Hindi of 10 lines.)


Jagmag-jagmag deep jale

Roshan ghar kaa ho haar kona!

Prakaash keh jaise ujjwal tan ho

Jan-jan savjan aur nirmal mann ho!

Roshni ka aagaaz jaha ho

Tum vaha ho hum vaha ho!

Dur tam ke andkaar ho

Mithe sur ho mithi taal ho!

Shubhkaamnaaye hai yahi hamari

Satrangi har Diwali ho!


Mangal deep jalaao, aai Diwali aai!

Andhiyaare ko dur bhagaao, apne ghar me khushiya laao!

Nacho gaao doom machao mann ke andhere ko mitaao,

Laddo aur payde khaao, Jeevan me mithas laao!

Yeh parv hai milan ka, apno ke sang pyaar baatne ka,

Sabki khushiyali ka, to fir nacho gaao, mangal deep jalaao!

!!Aai Diwali aai!!

Shubh Diwali


A Short Pollution Free Deepawali Kavita

Ghar-ghar deep jag magaa aye to Diwali hai,

Laxmi maata jab ghar aaye to Diwali hai!

Do pal ke hi shor se kya khushi milegi,

Dil ke diye jo mil jaaye to Diwali hai!

Saaf-safai ho, ghar chamchamaye to Diwali hai,

Mithai-pakwaan mil kar khaye to Diwali hai!

Phatako se roshni hogi, dhuye bhi hoga,

Diye nafrat ke buj jaaye to Diwali hai!

Aur iss Diwali “Maanas Khatri” kay eh Sandesh hai ki-

“Diwali Jab Aap Ke Daavr Aaye To Use Gale Lagaaiyegaa,

Phatako Ke Dhuye Aur Shor ke Bich,

Isse ‘Diwali’ Se Pollution-Wali, Mat Banaaiyegaa!”


So this was all about Short Diwali Poems (Kavita) in Hindi, English For Kids. For more poems and kavita on Diwali or deepawali, stay connected.


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